Compromise <3

A common struggle between couples is compromise. Just because you have your own differences, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make one another happy. Practicing compromise is SO SO SO important. For a long time it was actually hard for me to understand why my husband liked certain things. I kept trying to get him to change and to do things my way so that I can be happy. In my eyes, I figured that if I tried hard enough, he would eventually like the same things as I do. UHM YEA, NO, that wasn’t ever going to work.  It was time for me to change my approach and find a balance. Here’s the key, incorporate the things they like each day as well as yours.

For example! Yesterday I really wanted to go exercise (remember, I am a trainer and a former athlete. Fitness is just in my blood) and it was my husband’s last day before his work travels. I know deep inside that he just wanted to relax at home, cuddle with the dogs, and go out to a nice lunch. SO! Before speaking, I thought about his interests first and brought it up before my own. I suggested that we go to a nice lunch, spend quality time with our dogs, go to the gym – heheheh I’m just a little sneaky 😉 – and go to the movies afterwards. The FIRST time in a LONG time, him and I had a GREAT day together.  Only because I thought about his interests before mine. We didn’t fight or make anything complicated. It really is a simple solution – just do things that make both of you happy. Again, and I will keep stressing this point, its all about BALANCE and COMPROMISE!

Your relationship won’t just magically become amazing overnight. It takes effort from both sides to reach a balance. If you are realizing that things are just remaining the same, be the bigger person and instigate change. It may have its ups and downs at first, but take the baby steps to introduce a smooth transition. During the rough periods, just take a moment and reflect on why, in the first place, you chose to be with this person. Think about how they make you feel and why it’s absolutely worth putting in the effort to change things. Sometimes we get lost within ourselves and become selfish. It will only get worse if an effort won’t be made. Please leave a comment or ask me any questions!!!

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