Baby stepping towards a healthy, balanced life.

I am not going to start off by saying how important fitness and nutrition is because the majority of us know. This blog isn’t about educating you as much as it is to encourage you. I am also not going to start ranting on how to get your ass up every morning and get your miles and reps in. Being a trainer, I have discovered a new approach to take on my clients. It was imperative for me to figure something out because most clients have complained about the same thing and that is, they hate going to the gym. They figured that paying me $96.00 an hour would be their motive to show up. Yes, it did work and yes they did sweat and complete each session, but I am here to dig a little deeper than just “completing.”

Growing up, I was a gymnast. I started full-time when I was 5 years old. Every other day I would spend no less than 4 hours in practice. It literally was my life. Nothing else interested me other than being the best at what I do. As you may assume, I did not have a social life, and yes, I sucked in school. Why should I have cared about any of that when all I wanted to do was be in the Olympics? The word “Balance” did not exist in my life. I didn’t even know what a normal life felt like until I quit at age 13. Following that, I began to feel emotions such as depression, anxiety and insecurity. Not surprising, right? These feelings subconsciously have stayed with me since then, I am now 28.

I began to notice a gradual difference in my overall behavior and confidence through exercise. This took a few stages though! It didn’t just happen over-night. At first, those SAME feelings came back from gymnastics. I wanted to look the best and compete with all other girls next to me. I was battling between being a grown up and being a 13-year-old competitive gymnast. This was my opportunity to change the way I think and start looking at fitness differently, otherwise my relationship with exercise would fall apart.

No matter your age or what fitness background you may have, it is absolutely never too late to get your feet wet. Whether it’s just going for night walks daily or joining a local soccer team, it really doesn’t matter. Again, I am not here to tell you to join cross-fit and start lifting 500 pounds. This is about you finding something that you will have a personal connection with. We will get into details later ;).

I look forward to sharing my fitness stories, tips, routines, meal plans and a variety of homemade food & drink recipes with you throughout this blog. And no, this is not one of those “health-freak” blogs because I sure as heck enjoy baking and eating junk food too, which you will come to learn. Overall, I am trying to promote balance within your life and mine. It’s about avoiding deprivation, feeling comfortable and satisfied within yourself, and ultimately finding your true happiness.







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